Extract of the Crag Wrightsons

Information sourced from the book written by W.G. Wrightson 

"Memorials of The Family of Wrightson"


From the battlements of the once famous Tees-side fortress
of Barnard Castle the view towards the west is terminated by
a bold ridge, ending towards the south in a crag, which has
given its name to the adjacent lands. The situation is fine.
It forms the lofty ground, which divides the romantic gorge of
Deepdale from the noble valley of the Upper Tees, and it is
situated in the manor of Lartington, which manor, together
with others like Cotherstone and Mickleton, are included in the
great Yorkshire parish of Romaldkirk. It was in this parish,
though chiefly centring round Crag, that what must in the
aggregate have come to form a considerable amount of landed
property was held by various members of a family called
W rightson,-which family it is just possible may have first been
brought from Eryholme by the Markenfields. The name
occurs as early as 1415 on the first page of the Lartington
court roll ; and, among those I noticed in that roll, I may
mention the name of a William Wrightson, who in 1457,
during the reign of Henry VI., is associated with the most
famous Earl of Warwick ( the " King-maker "), the Abbot of
Eggleston, and Sir Richard Harcourt, in the very limited class
of freeholders. Again, while keeping my eyes open for infor
mation about the Irish family, descending from the Anthony
Wrightson who married Mary Aldborough,' I noticed no less
than three Anthonies among the Romaldkirk Wrightsons.
The first of these was buried in 1602, and was doubtless the
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Appendices. 183
Anthony " of Lartington," whose will (now lost) is mentioned
in the Richmond Calendar for that year. He was probably the
father of the second Anthony, who is mentioned among the
" tenants for a term of years " in the court roll for the years
1607,1610, and 1620. The third Anthony has left the trace
of his presence in the register of the birth of a child in 1655 .
The second of these Anthonies was indeed a contemporary of
the' Aldborough ' Anthony; but he could hardly have been
the same, for he was clearly a Lartington tenant in 1613, at
which date we know the' Aldborough ' Anthony to have been
in the service of Richard Aldborough at Ellingthorpe Hall, full
fifty miles from Romaldkirk. The first clearly noteworthy
member of the main line of this family is the Cuthbert
Wrightson, who stands at the head of the subjoined Heralds'
pedigree of the Wrightsons of Osbaston. He appears also in
the Lartington court roll,-in the Romaldkirk burial register,-
in the Richmond Calendar of Wills,-and (under the heading
of " Lartington ") in the same list of Rebels as contains the
name of Thomas Wrightson of Eryholme.1 He was contem-
porary with Queen Elizabeth; and in 1569 took some sort of
part in the great Rising of the North. The chief agent in
punishing the rebels was Sir George Bowes, who was of the
ancient family of Bowes of Bowes near Crag. It is probable
that through the influence of neighbourly associations, or
through some private negotiation, Cuthbert was enabled to
evade the full penalty of his offence. The register of his
burial in 1593 shows that he was not executed, and the court
roll proves that at all events a part of his landed property
remained to descend to his eldest son, who in 1596 is described
as " Miles Wrightson of the Crag, son and next heir to
Cuthbert Wrightson of the Waste, his father." From Miles
this property passed to William, and then to Michael, great-
grandson of the old rebel.
Michael Wrightson was one of the Ancients of Clement's
Inn in London. He is mentioned in the Lartington court roll
I Authority IV.

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as holding property there, though " residing outside the manor."
His name occurs near the commencement of the enormous
will ofWilliam Hutchinson of Clement's Inn (proved in London
20 July 1698), where he appears as one of the trustees for bene-
faBions in Romaldkirk, etc. He was owner of the Osbaston
estates in Leicestershire ; and he proved and registered his
pedigree at the College of Arms on the 24th April 1695.
Philippa, the only child and heiress of Michael Wrightson
of Osbaston, was married about 1689 to the. Francis Mundy of
Marketon in Derbyshire, who five years later was High Sheriff
of that county, and whose descendants are recorded in Burke's
Landed Gentry.
The following are the chief authorities from which I have
gleaned my knowledge of this family-
Among the muniments at Lartington Hall are certain court
rolls of the manor. They are in most cases fragments, probably
cut from larger rolls, and the series is far from complete. On
the same membranes and papers are records of several other
manors, as of Mickleton and Cotherstone. The name of
Wrightson has been searched for in all the records relating to
Lartington from the earliest, which commences 4 Henry V.
After 3 Richard III. there is nothing older than 6 Henry VIII.
From the following records only a few extra& have been made.
The name of Markenfield has been searched for in all the
rolls down to 3 Richard III.
The following brief notes were made for genealogical pur-
poses, and except where otherwise expressed each date refers to
a court held at Lartington.
4 Hen. V. [1415-17]. Court of Lord Henry FitzHugh. ,
John Wrightson of Naby holds at the will of the lord 8 acres
of land at Naby at 8s. rent.
5 Hen. v. Thomas W. takes of the lord various pastures
and meadows.
Appendices. 185
9 Hen. VI. William W. !lnd Thomas W. mentioned.
15, 18,23 Hen. VI. William W. mentioned.
31 Hen. VI. William W. senr. and junr. on manor jury.
36 Hen. VI. and 10) 15,16 Edw. IV. [14-57-I4-77J. Wm.
W. is a free tenant of the manor.
1,3 Richd. III. Court of Lord FitzHugh. Wm. W. is a
free tenant, and Wm. and J. W. are on manor jury.
6 Hen. VIII. John W. a free tenant.
1596. Cuthbert W. and Jno. W. (deceased) are mentioned
in list of free tenants. And among tenants for a term of years
are Wm. W. ; Tho.W. junr. ; Tho. W. senr. ; CuthbertW. ;
Anthony W. ; " Miles W. of the Crag, son and next heir to
Cuthbert W. of the Waste his father; " Miles W. of
Lartington) son and heir to John W. of the Waste for his
I James I. Miles W. of Crag and Tho. W. of Lartington.
1607. CuthbertW.; MilesW.; Jno.W.; among the free
tenants. And among the tenants for a term of years Cuthbert
W.; Tho. W. ; Miles W. ; Anthony W.
1610. CuthbertW.; MilesW.; Jno.W.; among the free
tenants. And among the tenants for a term of years W m. W. ;
Jno.W.; CuthbertW.; Tho.W.; MilesW.

186 Appendices .
14, 16 Chas. II. [1661-5]. Michael W. is mentioned as
(( residing outside the manor."
The following are the only notes obtained in the name of
36 Hen. VI. [1457-8]. John Merkynfeld,afreetenantofthe
manor of Mickleton.
14-, 15 Ed. IV. [1473-6]. Thomas Markenfield, knt., a free
tenant of the manor of Cotherstone.